Why a Ceramic Coating

Maximize the lifespan and value of your vehicle with having it coated. Ceramic coatings are the technology that make waxing and sealing part of the past. Turn that six hour wash and wax into a 30-minute maintenance routine on the weekend!

We are part of an extensive network of ceramic coating installers with experience around the world. We have 3 locations in Acadiana to provide you availability across the area. Our clients recommend us to their family and friends and even share our work on their social media. Our different installation packages are designed to meet the varying needs of vehicles, regardless of age, condition or history.

We recommend an inspection once a year. We will test the coating, decontaminate the outer layer and reload the top layer of "light." ensuring the system is performing as designed.

Coatings for EVERY surface

Painted Surfaces
All painted surfaces are warrantied and have oustanding performance.
Prevent water staining and keeps windows clear.
Makes cleaning a cinch.
Plastic Trims
Protect agains dehydration, cracking and fading.
Repel staining and dulling of the shine.
Other Metals
Prevent corrosion and staining of the surface.

Recent Client Vehicles


How to maintain your coated vehicle.

So you got a your ride coated – congratulations! You’re going to want to make sure you maintain the coating properly, so let's talk about how to do this...

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What do I do about waterspots?

Waterspots are the minerals left behind after the water evaporates. Ceramic coatings are not impervious from water spotting! But we have solutions that you can carry out to...

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Why do I need annual inspections?

Annual inspections are required for packages with a warranty. These inspections ensure that a professional looks over your vehicle and consults you on the coating and makes sure that each client properly...

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